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Sep 5, 2014

For this episode of SFP- Now and likely for the next few weeks. We're dropping the news segment in favor of reviewing the newest episodes of 'Doctor Who' with Peter Capaldi and for this - our first episode back after a break. We are reviewing both 'Deep Breath' and 'Into The Dalek'.

Our interview this week is with John Ainsworth, who is best known for his work with Big Finish Audio as a director.

Over the course of our chat we discuss his new projects 'Pathfinder' and 'Night Of The Triffids'.

John also talks about the early days of Big Finish when he got to work with Simom Pegg who of course is now better known for his role of Scotty in the new 'Star Trek' movies as well as 'Shaun Of The Dead.'

So be sure to hit play and tune in for a fun packed hour of oppinion and conversation. And if you like what you hear. Feel free to comment.