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Oct 6, 2017

Welcome to another epic episode of SFP-NOW.

This week we feature an interview with Caroline Cave who many horror fans will know for her turn as Debbie in 'Saw VI' as well as many other dramatic parts. 

Caroline talks with us about how she got started in acting and also talks about a couple of her recent movie projects as well as her new recurring role in Syfy's hit series 'Van Helsing'.

In our weekly TV chat. Raissa and Ian discuss new episodes of 'Star Trek: Discovery' and 'The Orville' and Raissa gives us her thoughts on 'Inhumans', which is currently airing in the US. 

We also touch on 'MacGyver' and conclude that its no where near as fun or inventive as the original version. 

So get your duct tape, you Stake's and tune in for another heart rate bumping edition of SFP-NOW on