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Feb 9, 2015


Welcome to another exciting edition of the SFP-NOW Podcast.

In this extra long episode Raissa and Ian discuss some of the television of the past weeks and are joined by webseries producer Britain Valenti, who pops in to discuss the new 'Agent Carter' series, which stars Haley Atwell as the intrepid Agent Carter.

Our interview this week is with the fantastic Lisa Bowerman who talks with me about her work for Big Finish Audio adventures as well as her role in various television incarnations of Doctor Who.

Listen out for  a little insight about the forthcoming 'New Adventures Of Bernice Summerfield', which will feature the return of Sutek, a villain from the classic Tom Baker story 'The Pyramids Of Mars'.

For more about Big Finish Productions head on over to and browes through their extensive catalog of brilliant stories.