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May 13, 2016

In this new episode of SFP-NOW Ian, Craig and Raissa discuss their thoughts on the latest happenings in 'Arrow'. 'The Flash' and more.

The interview this week is with the fantastic Arvind Ethan David who talks enthusiastically about his new 'Dirk Gently' comic book series, but also about the pending BBC America TV series, which he is executive producing.

The writer, producer also talks about some of his other projects as well as his experiences of writing and working on a list of various projects including 'The Infidel'.

He also chats a little about the difference between writing for comics and writing for television. 

If you are a fan of Douglas Adams as well as a fan of Arthur Conan Doyle. Then you'll probably get a lot of entertainment and some great stories when listing to this episode. So tune in and enjoy as Arvind Ethan David holds court with some fantastic stories and great insights.