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Nov 8, 2013

Welcome to yet another fun packed episode of SFP-NOW.

Joining me this week for the weekly news and discussion segment is our good friend Raissa, who chat with me about a number of topics, which include our thoughts about 'An Adventure in Space and Time.' Since recording BBC America have announced the premier for the movie as 22 November. Just one day after the UK premier. We also discuss Steven Moffat's proclimation that 12th Doctor Who actor Peter Capaldi as being a national treasure.

Our guest this week is Gareth Kavanagh the director of the 'Who At 50' fringe festival, which is taking place in Manchester between the 16 and 30 November. Garath talks about all the exciting events being held to celebrate Doctor Who in Manchester and also talks a little about the recent recovery of 9 Patrick Troughton episodes as well as the casting of Peter Capaldi as the 12th Doctor.

So tune in for this very Doctor Who episode of SFP-NOW and keep an eye out for our 50th Anniversary special, which will go out on November 22.