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Dec 3, 2016

Welcome to a somewhat delayed episode of SFP-NOW.

After a long month away. We're back and this week we bring you an interview with future star J. Alex Brinson who has made an incredible splash in the acting business with roles in various series, but has caught a pretty big role in the new science fiction series 'Travelers', which will be available on Netflix from the 23 December. 

During our chat Alex talks about his humble start in the streets of Philadelphia and how he has thus far been able to maintain his dream of being a performer. 

Alex also talks about the new show 'Travelers' and how he hopes the series will take off with the US and British audiences when it hits Netflix later this month. 

The actor also chats about how he went to the same school as Star War's actor Adam Driver who was a year a head of him in High School.

In the second half of the show I am joined by Raissa to discuss the new shows Timeless and the third season of 'The Librarians' and we also chat a little about the series 'Star Trek Discovery'.