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Nov 30, 2017

Welcome to a new episode of SFP-NOW in which we feature MMA Fighter turned Stuntman and Actor Jason Day. 

Over the last few years, Jason Day has been keeping himself busy with a multitude of projects in which he has doubled for actors, but also been called upon to do both stunts and act as well. 

To date, this Beast of a performer has worked on shows such as Legends Of Tomorrow, Arrow, The Flash, and Timeless. His most popular role thus far is that of B'Wana Beast who appeared in the second episode of the latest season of Legends Of Tomorrow. 

Jason's latest project is the film Skyscraper in which he gets to duke it out with none other than Dwayne Johnson. 

Jason talks with us about all of this things and so much more in this exclusive interview. 

The second hour of the show sees Raissa and Ian discuss their thoughts on the latest happenings in TV Land. Among the topics we discuss is the choice to have three companions accompanying Jodie Whitakers 13th Doctor Who. We also discuss our thoughts on the mid-season finale of Star Trek: Discovery and much, much more. 

So tune in. Zone out and stalk through the Jungle with B'Wana Beast as your tour guide.