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Sep 28, 2017

Welcome to another exciting episode of SFP-NOW.

Joining us for this episode is the fantastic Kelly McCormack who brought a little humanity and nerdiness to Syfy's hit series Killjoys. During our conversation, Kelly talks about how she got the role of Zeph and expressed her hopes for the character's future. Kelly also talks about how she went into acting and her experience of working with British comedy star Ricky Gervais. 

In the conversation segment, Raissa and I have a very deep and thoughtful discussion about the new Trek series 'Star Trek: Discovery', which sees us talking about the new shows good points as well as the not so good points. We also discuss what we hope happens to the show as it wraps its first season and hopefully goes into a second series. 

We also discuss the new series The Orville and how it seems to have taken some of the best parts of Star Trek and has somehow blended a little social commentary with light comedy. 

So tune in and get your dose of Killjoys, Star Trek and Orville as we take you to the final frontier with scifipulseradio.