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Nov 15, 2013

Welcome to the new episode of SFP-NOW. The place to come for a crazy and unique look at some of today's science fiction and fantasy televiison shows and movies.

Returning from exile to go over some of the last weeks news with me is Tye Bourdony, who offers up his thoughts on the potential casting of Tom Hardy in the new Terminator film among other things.

Our interview this week is with actor Louis Lombardi, who has appeared in a fantastic collection and television shows and movies. Fans of science fiction and fantasy probably remember Louis for his roles in the remake of 'Fantasy Island' in which he played Cal or for his role of the very human and relatable Edgar Styles from season 4 and 5 of the hit Fox series '24'.

Louis touches on all these things in the interview, but also talks about his excitement for food and cooking. And even shares what he'll likely be serving up for Thanksgiving and Christmas.

So join us as we continue to delve boldly into the many realms of science fiction and fantasy.