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May 29, 2015

Welcome to another roaring episode of SFP-NOW here on scifipulseradio.

Joining us for this episode are Raissa and Craig who talk with me about the various season finales of all our favorite comic book related series.

Our guest this week is producer and director Ari Novak, who takes time out of his busy schedule to talk about his new movie 'Cowboys Vs Dinosaurs', which features several of my favorite things. A ridiculous story, MPG's, Cowboys and Dinosaurs. And the movie even has its fair share of babes too.

During our chat Ari talks me through how he got into film making and also talks a little about how he and one of his contacts made a small contribution to the last 'Die Hard' movie, which as you will all recall was set in russia.

So stay tuned as we crunch our way through a dangeriously fun hour of podcasting.