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May 28, 2013

Inga Cadranel

Welcome to the very first new episode of SFP-NOW to be hosted through our new home on Libsyn.

For this special episode we feature two interviews with Inda Cadranel, who is best known for her new role in the hit BBC America drama Orphan Black, which will be airing in the UK on BBC THREE in the near future. During this interview Inga talks about how she got involved in Orphan Black and chat a bit about her experiences with the cast of Lost Girl in which she plays Bo's mother Saskia.

Doc Yewll

The other interview is with the lovely Trenna Keating, who you'll all known for her role in the new Syfy seires Defiance.

During this interview Trenna talks about how she became involved with Defiance and also hints that we'll be seeing a lot more of Doc Yewll in future episodes.

The actress touches on a role that she had in a Holiday movie, which allowed her some time away to visit with family.

And we also briefly discuss the Defiance video game and address whether we are likely to hear from Doc Yewll in the game at any point in the future.

So don't miss this feature packed first episode of SFP-NOW and please add our feed so you can be sure to catch all our weekly episodes as well as episodes of GenreTainment.