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Oct 31, 2013

Ever since we started SciFiPulseradio on Blocktalk Radio back in 2009 we have had two traditions. The Halloween Special, in which myself and a few others get drunk and discuss horror films and the Christmas Special, which is much the same only about Christmas.

Well you can't keep a good tradition down.

Joining me for our 2013 Halloween Special is our loyal friend and biggest supporter T. Shawn Hardy, who also does much of the sound editing for our shows. We are also joined by Shawn's wife Linda who comes up with some pretty inspired choices when choosing her top ten monsters.

And yes as if you haven't guessed already. The topic for discussion is our top ten favorite monsters from movies and television and given that there are three of us involved here. It may as well be a top 30.

So strap yourself in for 2 hours of madness and mayhem and let the games begin.