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Jun 7, 2015


For this special episode of SFP-NOW we have two interviews. The first is with Michael Schilling, who is one of the main PR people behind one of America's oldest fan Run Science Fiction conventions, which is held annually in Baltimore, Maryland.

Michael gives us a brief history of the convention. Shares some fun stories from his past conventions, which include a rather poigniant moment from last years event where Leonard Nimoy made a surprise skype appearance in what was likely his last daliance with the world of science fiction conventions before his tragic death earlier this year. Michael also talks about the fantastic guest line up that the show had this year, which includes the fantastic John Barrowman who is best known for Doctor Who, Torchwood and most recently 'Arrow'.

Our second interview is with the wonderful Faustino DiBauda who plays sleepy in the hit ABC series 'Once Upon A Time.'

During our half hour chat Faustino shares the wonderful story of how several cat accidents and his experiences with Yoga got him into the world of acting and how that led to his role in 'Once Upon A Time.'

Faustino also shared some fun moments from his time on the hit series. Talked about some of the guest starring roles he has enjoyed in other shows and talked to us about what his dream role would be.

So whether you are a fan of science fiction conventions or life imitating art with Faustino's brilliant story about how some bad experiences with cars got him into acting and his role in 'Once Upon A Time.' We definately have something for you with this show.

So tune in. Zne out, check your pockets for pixie dust and enjoy.

For more information about Shore Leave and its impressive guest list and how to book tickets. Head over to