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Oct 31, 2013

Ever since we started SciFiPulseradio on Blocktalk Radio back in 2009 we have had two traditions. The Halloween Special, in which myself and a few others get drunk and discuss horror films and the Christmas Special, which is much the same only about Christmas.

Well you can't keep a good tradition down.

Joining me for...

Oct 29, 2013

This week it's our GenreTainment Halloween special, with special guests: award winning scriptwriter Victor Miller (Friday the 13th), author & web series creator John Kenneth Muir (Horror Movies of the 1980s, The House Between) and author/gamer designer Monica Valentinelli (“The Dig” for the Lovecraft Zine,...

Oct 25, 2013

Joining me for the news and reviews segment of this week's episode is Patrick Hayes. We take a little time to discuss the discovered nine Doctor Who episodes as well as Patricks thoughts on the recent new release of Doctor Who: Terror Of The Zygon's' which came out recently in the UK and USA.

The featured interview...

Oct 22, 2013

For today's episode of GenreTainment we are chatting with director John Badham. He has worked on over 30 films and 45 TV episodes.  He is probably best known for directing classic films like WarGames, Short Circuit, and Saturday Night Fever. But he has also authored the books John Badham On Directing and I'll Be In My...

Oct 16, 2013

Joining us for this episode is writer of 'Destination Moonbase Alpha' Robert E. Wood, who spends an hour discussing classic science fiction television with us as well as talking about SOS 'Space Opera Society,' which is an independant production company that has been set up to produce new Space Opera shows.

During the...