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SciFiPulse Radio

Welcome to SciFi Pulse Radio! Home to SFP-Now, GenreTainment, and DC Action Hour.

Dec 30, 2014


We have a special end of 2014 SciFi Pulse Radio episode. The return of the Roundtable! Join Ian, Marx, and Julie as we discuss the best and worst TV shows and movies of 2014.


Dec 23, 2014

It's the last episode of GenreTainment in 2014! And for this episode we are speaking with award winning writer Pamela Douglas (Writing the TV Drama Series) about her new book The Future of Television: Your Guide to Creating TV in the New World.

We discuss the changes happening in television, the growth in original...

Dec 17, 2014

For this episode we are speaking with filmmaker Jamin Winans (Ink, 11:59) about his new sci-fi film The Frame. We talk about his films, how he got started as a writer & producer, tips for filmmakers, and... fanny packs... you'll just have to listen to figure out what that is about.

GenreTainment is where we talk about...

Dec 12, 2014

Welcome to the latest episode of SFP-NOW.

This week Raissa, Craig and Ian give their thoughts on the recent Flash and Arrow crossover episodes and Agents Of Shield. We also share our thoughts about the new series from John Rogers 'The Librarians'.

Our interview this week is with John Rogers who gives some great insights...

Dec 4, 2014

Welcome to another episode of GenreTainment! This time we are chatting with director/actor Adam Rady and writer/producer James Rodehaver. They are the creators of the fantasy comedy web series, Walking in Circles, which currently has two season online. We talk in-depth about the show, get some tips for web series...