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Jul 28, 2014

We speak with actor and web series creator Johnathan Robbins about his various projects including Cluth, Asset, Out With Dad, and more. He gives tips on acting and web series creating. We also discuss unique advantages and disadvantages in filmmaking in Canada.

GenreTainment is where Marx and Julie talk about what is...

Jul 12, 2014


Welcome to another edition of SFP-NOW on

Our interview this week sees the return of composer Frederick Wiedmann who gives us an update on his up and coming projects and talks a little about the work he did on this years DC Comics and Warner Bros animated feature 'Son Of Batman'.

Going over the...

Jul 4, 2014


Welcome to another thrilling episode of SFP NOW here on

The featured interview this week is with comics writer Rob Williams who discusses some of his recent comics, which include 'Ordinary' and the new range of 'Doctor Who' comics from Titan Comics.

Going over the weeks news items with me for this...