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May 6, 2015

For this 93rd episode we are speaking with professional actor Michael Laskin. For 35 years he has been working in film, television, theatre, and voice-overs. He is also an acting teacher and the author of the new book “The Authentic Actor: The Art and Business of Being Yourself."

He shares decades of acting...

May 1, 2015

In a change of format this week. Ian is joined by Kneelbeforeblog writer Craig McKenzie to discuss the newest release from the Marvel movieverse 'Avengers: Age Of Ultron'.

During our 50 minute chat we discuss the films high points and also chat about some of the wider implications that it could have going forward...

Apr 29, 2015

For this 92nd episode of GenreTainment we are speaking with writer/producer/director Gabe Michael the co-founder of Forge Apollo. We talk to him about Forge Apollo's new science fiction thriller series Ambient, award winning science series Technium, and Football talk show Blitzed. Plus some upcoming projects,...

Apr 25, 2015

For this episode we are speaking with Otessa Marie Ghadar creator of the web series Orange Juice in Bishops Garden, founder of DC Web Series Festival, and president of the new media company 20/20 Productions.

Ghadar tells us why and how she founded the first web series & digital media festival in the Washington...

Apr 20, 2015

Welcome to another exciting episode of SFP-NOW. Are first episode in weeks.

This week I am joined by Craig and Raissa to discuss some television shows and we give our first impressions on the new series 'Thunderbirds Are Go.

My guest this week is Andrew Farago, who not only has a super cool job working in a...