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Mar 7, 2017


Marx, Jeff, and Danielle talk about the new episodes of Arrow, The Flash, and Supergirl!

Gorillas attack, Prometheus is revealed, Jeremiah returns, and Supergirl getting it on! Plus, Black Lightning and other news. And of course our zany Super Tweet question: If you were friends with a super-intelligent gorilla like...

Mar 2, 2017

Join Marx, Jeff, and Danielle for the premiere episode of DC Action Hour! We’re chatting all the super-cool DC Superhero shows on the CW: Arrow, The Flash, Supergirl, and Legends of Tomorrow! Hear what we think of the current seasons and the most recent episodes. Plus our zany Super Tweet question about what...

Feb 12, 2017

Welcome to another exciting episode of SFP-NOW here on SciFiPulse Radio. 

This week we feature an exclusive interview with the fantastic David Haydn Jones who chats about his role in 'Supernatural'.

Many fans of 'Supernatural' will recognise David Haydn Jones for his role as the Men Of Letters super spy Mr Ketch. 


Jan 18, 2017

Welcome to our first episode of 2017. 

Featured in this episode is our interview with comics writer Frank Martin who chats with Ian Cullen about his anthology series 'Modern Testament', which is to end at its fourth issue. 

Frank talks about his inspirations for the comic and gives some clues about some forthcoming...

Jan 9, 2017

This time we're chatting with the founder of Stareable, Ajay Kishore. Stareable is a website that seeks to even the playing field so TV shows are considered on their merits, not their marketing budget. So if you are a web series/indie TV series creator or just someone looking for new TV shows to watch, then you'll...